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SEO Defined

  SEO Firm defines search engine optimization as the art and science of helping the search engines identify the content on a web page. Search engine optimization makes websites effective and functional for people and robots, alike. The results of SEO are helping people find the products, services and information those optimized websites are presenting.

SEO Firm believes in developing websites to be in harmony with the search engines and does not believe in developing websites to fool the search engines. Developing websites to be in harmony with the search engines is search engine optimization. Developing websites to fool the search engines is search engine manipulation.

SEO Firm does not believe in manipulation of the search engine rankings. Often times, SEO is simply removing the obstacles in a website that prevent the search engine robots from indexing it accordingly.

Search engine optimization by definition does not violate any of the search engines Terms of Service. In fact, optimization implies playing within the search engine's rules at all times.

At SEO Firm, we play within the rules AND get excellent results. This is what great SEO is all about.

Search engine optimization also includes link-building. This is called off-page optimization and at SEO Firm we're specialists at link-building campaigns.



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