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OC SEO Firm's client list includes a few customer websites out of hundreds that have benefited from our services just to show you that we know what we're doing. This client list is a selective example of the many happy customers in diversified industries we have helped over the years.



The List:


Selected Testimonials

  • Thank you for your help. I am completely amazed at the results! - Bernie Vancil, eBeamInc

  • MSN is sending much more traffic now - so is Yahoo! - Owen Walcher, Home Security Alarm Systems

  • Thank you so much to talking with me and providing us with the proposal to help our business get much better exposure. As I told you on the phone, we had someone who was supposed to do this for us, but he didn't follow through and made us feel like we were not important. The fact that you deal with small companies was very appealing to us and you made me feel very comfortable. You proposal looks good and we would like to go ahead with your proposal and get started. - Cindy from Pals and Paws
  • Hey, Kevin, great news. Moving up, thanks to you. You are the man! - Gary Khabinski, BTBSoft

  • The results look great! Can you send me a report? I have a conference I need to attend and would like to show them off! - Peter Stam, Accufund

  • The results have been much quicker than I thought - thanks! - David Sheehan, PFGWest

  • I like what you've done...keep it up! - Miguel Chacon, Associated Content


Other Nice Words:

  • I had stopped checking my website ranking until today, I just checked and I'm #2! - Jon Bathmaker

  • I am sure our site will be better than before. Thank you again! - Nelson Labbe

  • You work is amazing ... Thanks! - Shaheen Lakhan

  • Thanks for an incredible site! - Dan Friday
  • You work miracles, walk on water, what more can I say. The check will be written today. Thank you so much! - Ginger
  • I know that you said that SEO takes a long time, but the results you gave my website were way quicker than expected - thanks!!!!! - Barbara Baylor



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